Thursday, January 26, 2012

Which, Witch...

Which, Witch...

Something most odd,
Ethereally strange has come.
Upon the heart of a weary,
Expectant mortal man.

As immortal as time,
The decision he faces now.
Two spirits, bright with light,
Angels from the dark.

Called forth in faith,
To minister to his lonely soul,
The mission of a loyal one,
Witches brew desire.

The purging fire,
As devouring as a hungry lion,
These pretty aliens come sweetly,
To carry him home.

Cauldrons brewing love,
To send out as a flighted dove,
And catch his spirit soaring,
Above this heaven.

Choice, but which
Witch is for only he to see ?
How could it be this way,
A doleful tune.

In golden sparkles,
A hue of all that he desired.
Taking counsull, Ivan the brave,
Has won him over.

Jewels were lost,
When mighty warriors had fought.
To win the hearts of women,
Alive with spirit....

Yet here and now,
His resolve has been appointed.
The life he was born to live,
A destiny made....