Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Stage nerves

Stage nerves

It's almost time,
Curtain call, the show begins.
Reading frantically again,
Have I got it ?
Too many lines,
Not enough sleep,
Can I act ?
Will you weep ?

The heat is rising,
My pulse overloads my head.
Audience patiently calm,
Expectant of a laugh.
So many nerves,
So few thoughts,
But I'll survive,
Just how I ought.

The opening line,
There's no turning back now.
Concentrate on breathing,
The words will flow.
A friendly face,
Someone I know,
Helps me forget,
No panic's grow.

The script is full,
But my memory is strained.
I feel better now,
As the audience laugh.
And they observe,
I don't freeze,
Despite the noise,
Of knocking knees....!!

Panto 'Aladdin' by the 'Stageworks productions'.
Barwell 28/1/2012, George Ward Centre.