Monday, January 30, 2012

The Emperor

The Emperor

I purvey all of my domain,
And see the wonders therein.
So many glorious adventures had,
And friends who bring me joy.
Days of unending laughter,
And memories of times gone by.
That keep me sure of my belief,
I've been blessed beyond my dreams.

Now, all I need to know,
Is the girl who'll share with me.
Be the Empress of my kingdom,
The one who knows to challenge me.
Add colour to the dreams I see,
Find comfort in my need to care.
Be a rock upon which to lean,
Whilst more glorious adventures we share.

And I can be her Emperor,
Believing in the love she shows.
The skies will not be our limits,
But maybe the heavens, who knows?
For this is more than a reason,
To be with, someone you love.
A person who responds, like for like,
With peace and harmony of endless love.

For I'd love to build this kingdom,
Where light penetrates to every town.
And with my loyal Empress's help,
We'd clothe the poor in velvet gown.
It would be my legacy left behind,
For earth to share in my dream.
And recognise and build this palace,
Where peace and love will reign supreme...