Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Children We Are

The Children We Are

Nothing can faze me now.
I see as a child,
Eyes wide, eyes open,
Heart honest and believing.

Forever has no power,
To me in my youth.
For it is always there, here,
Where else would it be ?

I hide from nothing,
Setting fire to the truth.
For if it be less,
Then it cannot burn again.

My desires are yielding,
Where physics set a rule.
No-one can contain this,
The universe is my loyal tool.

What will fail us now,
Unless we fear the fear ?
As children we can comprehend,
Everything is as it will be.

Unless we choose again,
To see a newer route.
Have lives to move ahead,
Making music with the flute.

Cosmic forces we believe,
For they show us all.
The fantastic and the great,
We'd never learn from school.

We won't give in,
Don't let us give up, fall.
And become like adults do,
knowing nothing of life at all.