Thursday, February 02, 2012

Rhyme or Reason

Rhyme or Reason

So many things have said,
Listen to the voices,
In your head.

    Don't be fooled by them,
                                Into thinking a solution,
                                Will come when.

                                                     They have torched our earth,
                                                     With financial suicide yeah,
                                                     What's that worth ?

And still they promise more,
Security in their words,
No actions follow.

                               Our hands are tied, they say,
                               We cannot take it,
                               Away from them.

                                                      Why cannot men lead men ?
                                                      I hear you cry,
                                                      Feeling desperation too.

I, you, we, and all belong,
To the problem here,
For solutions light.

                            None more than I recognise,
                            We stand here fighting,
                            But lose everything.

                                                        Does any of this life have,
                                                        Rhyme or reason attached,
                                                        When we suffer ?