Friday, March 29, 2013

This Year it Will be Different.

This Year it Will be Different.

So many days, so many ways,
I had known about you.
In all of the glorious things,
That our life shared, together
Would bring, my heart ached again.
Torn between the burning lights,
And the softest skin delights,
Days inspired by the closest touch,
Of how we had loved so much...

So many things, quietness brings,
Thinking what glowed about you.
So many wonderful things,
We had shared together,
Rode storm and blisteringly cruel
Weather, fell in love forever,
Took power from sharing endeavour.
Days where time seemed eternal,
Now it seems my nights infernal...

So many joys, yet loneliness employs,
All the memories about you.
How could I ever forget,
The moment we met, under regret
Of the pain I feel within me now?
I feel as though I've failed,
Somehow I was the one impaled,
Bearing the hate of the world,
And letting this tragedy, that occurred...

So many nights, you in my sights,
Building the passion about you.
My life was filled with love,
Peace kept me riding high,
Where everything important was you.
So I must move on ahead,
And not grieve forever, you said,
To prove that our love had been true,
Despite all that I'd wanted was you...