Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love Gun.

Love Gun.

If I had a gun,
I'd blow a hole
Into the sun.
To shine a light of hope,
Into your eyes, talking
Of how much you've,
Meant to me all my life.

The passion, you have
Left in me,
Is wider than Arabian sea.
And yet my spirit
Can never know love,
Unless it is within,
The places where you lay too.

Some strange elixir moves,
Ebbs and flows,
As your body and soul,
Touch mine in grace,
A potential to explode,
Into beauty and contentment,
All over my face.

You can only be love,
For in your pretty eyes,
A world of light.
No pain come over me,
As I hold you forever,
The birds of peace,
Court my tears and save me.

Dreams of the abundance,
Coming from the hope
You are sharing.
Sell me into the story,
Where perfect days will come,
And continue to breath life,
Into your visions for me.

What a life is before me,
Chased by rainbows and gold,
Precious symbols of,
The desire to be your man.
Way over the sense of reason,
To be a perfect match,
You darling, take my hand.

Rocking rhythms of the air,
Built up in the movements,
I have seen.
Places you and I have been,
And into the future
Of the goodness we share,
To fill the world with hope.

Go for light and take hold,
Of my hand in yours,
Sweetness beyond dreams.
Or so my heart says,
For it seems to know,
Just how far we can go
Beneath love in golden flow.


Thank you to Noel Gallagher for the ideas and feelings behind this poem.