Wednesday, March 06, 2013

100 Pages In.

100 Pages In.

Turning pages, faster faster,
all I want to do is read.
Maeve has got me in a tither,
holding out till my eyes bleed.

Watch the story unfolding quickly,
all I want to see is joy.
Now I crave to hear the good news,
what shall happen to this boy.

Gripped with passion to unravel,
tales of winceome Christmas life.
Then the ogres come to marry,
before the end was of a knife.

Suddenly I finally got it,
this is not like other stories.
Here a series of tales unfolding,
showing what are know of Xmas glories.

Tinkle bells and lights a flashing,
crashing music fills the stale air.
People gather to celebrate the passing,
of all goodwill and what is fair.

Ting ting ting a cracker pulling,
turkey spilled across the floor.
Hours after the fateful melle,
everyone is promising, next year more.

Glowing with the Christmas spirit,
grandparents curse the day now here.
It was better, back in our days,
when times were hard and folk weren't queer.”

Sadly they now leave a blessing,
showing what we'd best do without.
Jingle bells in halls of Holly,
where snow and Ivy lay all about.

A tribute to the writing of.