Sunday, March 17, 2013

Raising the Roof.

Raising the Roof.

Oh come on you, what is your fear,
Why do you dally to drink a beer ?
Open wide your mouth, and take it in,
You'll not burn in Hell, it's not a sin...

Raise a toast, to the happy couple,
He so awful, pale, she much more supple.
Ply them well with a drink or two,
It's a celebration, not a time for blue...

Stomp your feet, across the dance floor,
Go crazy and wild as you beg for more.
The D.J. Knows, that you're in his hands,
As the fever rises, on intoxicated lands...

Many happy returns, fills the party space,
A look of ecstatic pleasure, fills my face.
Creating bedlam and a chance to share,
The joy of hope for the newly wedded pair...