Friday, March 22, 2013

Out of that cage.

     Out of that cage.

And then Charlotte played,
her sweet rhythmic melodies.
Ambling and soothing across time,
across broken lines,
the place of East meets West,
a new soul with zest..!

Combining art, music and poetic flair,
she brings gladness to one,
and then to all who hear.
The pride of angelic whispers
in a quiet soulful town,
where walls came tumbling down.

The reason of life her soul,
Andrea touched unto me
with joyful song, a sing along.
The noises that all belong,
to beauty inside the peace,
and where my fears can now release.

Echoes of a fonder time,
when feet to ground surround,
and all her friends gather round.
Listening with one accord to why,
she struck the hope of love
again to be believed this time.

Pushing through the iron cage,
to where freedom saved us all.
On days and nights, passions call,
would hold us in wild embrace,
where mysteries and friendships form,
and light would touch our face.

Hear those fingers tell a story,
where little miracles brought about
a glory, of all the feelings held
inside, almost gone before the end.
She slept and ate with dearest friends,
a broken heart could Charlotte mend....