Thursday, March 07, 2013

Demented Madman.

Demented Madman.

Oh god he's coming over,
where can I hide ?
I have tried to avoid him,
not just his irey gaze,
but all his deceitful ways.

He doesn't remember,
or choose not to believe,
last week he couldn't drive,
to go to a family party,
now he's torching the tarmac.

He'll want feeding,
but I have no money.
And he'll try to play the,
oh I'm old and skint card,
like he always does with me.

He forgets my name,
but I guess it's not
so important, he can still breath.
And he can still decide,
which truth he believes today.

I should feel closer,
but he's no friend of mine.
He lies and lies all the time,
does he think no-one notices,
the disparity of his words and actions?

And now he's arriving,
expecting hospitality and kind,
when all he'll find here,
is an empty house
like his empty soul.

I wonder does he forget,
or is he just evil,
through and through like before,
when all his deeds were hollow,
and his honesty totally lost.