Sunday, March 31, 2013

Who Wins From War?

Who Wins From War?

As the bombers leave,
For a moment the world is still.
A breath between the new calm,
And the terror to come.
When the living shall see
Their dead, loved ones
Strewn, torn and shrapnel scarred.

Screams erupt on cue,
To fill the smoking dawn.
Who has not lost here?
No-one knows or recognises,
The cruelty of this deed,
Until in the blackness
And the cold,
They see their loved ones bleed.

Utter desperation rises,
Yawns into the crimson sky.
The evil heart of hatred,
Tolls the bell we die.

Happy seem the pilots,
To have wrought this bloody end.
Claiming freedom gained,
Using hatred to defend.

Have not they remorse,
For acting ignobly against?
The way is opened up,
For reprisals and revenge.
Along the streets bedecked,
Bodies weep to expire again,
Lost the reason to respect,
Such love, for the greed of men.

Children orphaned under rubble,
Women widowed to despair,
Screaming out in bitterness,
How can life be so unfair?
Soon, the searing pain
Draws a focus onto desolation,
Gone the pride of every nation.

Leviathans rise up again,
Rolling into towns on fire,
Forcing out the snipers gun,
Where hope wallows in man's mire.
Soldiers force their combat,
Into every house and door,
Claiming rights to do their bidding,
As if they had owned the law.

But as they step on land-mines,
They shall pay the final price,
Of the terror they excited,
Because they steal the sanctity,
Marching onto lands, un-invited.

Blown limb from limb,
With second thoughts they fall,
Widows back in homelands cry,
To have lost a mighty friend.
And in blood and guts expiring,
Is the peace they must defend.

'War is stupid, and people are stupid.'

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I in no way mean to disrespect any soldier who has fought with their belief that they were doing the right thing. I do however believe there are other ways far more fair and long lasting to resolve conflicts than using violence and warfare. It is my freedom of speech I am exercising here. May love guide our hearts to find the compassionate way, and end war forever. Let's give PEACE a chance....