Friday, March 22, 2013

Righteous Madonna.

Righteous Madonna.

Carved with mortal hands,
Born from silent golden sands,
Angel of light wore my bands,
As she walked along in holy lands.

Worship thee I do,
Bow to honour you.
Taste the fruit, this dew,
Some peace forever new.

Styled as Saffron fields,
My spirit towards you, yields.
Taken by the power your love wields,
This righteous Madonna my heart shields.

Pray for thee I do,
To live beyond the blue,
A heaven where love be true,
Some part I shared with you.

Formed of earthly grace,
Not bound to time nor space,
Where our love can take the place,
More than smiles upon my face.

Trust in thee I do,
Above all I ever knew.
Touched by love that grew,
Surrendered deeply over you.

Blessed by sacred femme,
Where my life began again,
Proved to me just where and when,
Love has saved me now, Amen...!