Sunday, March 10, 2013

Under a Canopy

    Under a Canopy

Somewhere way off, afar,
I feel the need in me rises
To be held, to know your heat,
Soul of the desert so indiscreet.
Found a rhythm of a life,
Knowing more about love than hate,
With a young temptress to undress,
Committing great sins, I'll confess.

Bowing to the acrid heat,
No shelter I can find so far,
Not a tree or an oasis lush,
Even a bramble or an ancient bush.
Lost in the moments of despair,
Desert maiden's come to rescue me,
Toureg silence carries me far away,
To shade belonging to a holy day.

When finally I can awaken,
My eyes hold heavy under the cool,
I'm laid softly on a comfy divan,
With a gladness, that I'm a man.
She glides into the moonlight,
Something wonderful, almost an angel,
Spectral light surrounds her every move,
Where I invent new stories to prove.

How could I have known,
That she would come to save me?
The fire of the desert burning me,
And setting my soul forever free.
Shade and passion made unto,
Build the force of love to explode,
Held in arms strong yet also tender,
I lose to her in sweet surrender....!

Miranda, Mirage of the sands.