Monday, March 04, 2013

Love Like In The Movies.

Love Like In The Movies.

As the curtain falls,
All my tears collide.
Steams of emotion flowing,
Gentle rhythms of memory,
Of the hope of desire filled,
The girl in my arms.

Crooners sing and dance,
Yes, it's a bonanza of romance.
When all I can feel, is real,
Deep from the pit
Of my soul,
I roll into the parade,
Of the bed of love they made.

Miracles left for me,
To believe and to see.
On a foggy London street,
Where love felt so
Awesomely complete,
And our souls meet.

Feelings have jumped into me,
Setting the roller coaster free.
And tinkling jazz melodies
Cajole my eyes to shine,
A time to believe
You'd always be mine.

Once upon forever time,
I knew a girl divine.
She rocked my world
And nothing remained untouched.
The world so complete,
Where I sat
Beneath her feet.

These movies boldly true,
Relieve the sense of feeling blue,
Over you, my only you.
Gold the gift of what you do,
And why my darling,
I'm in love with you...!