Friday, March 22, 2013

Down Under Dream.

Down Under Dream.

I know nothing of this isle,
a continent where prisoners sent,
began a rule of law and more,
to found a place of dreams.
Everyone has told a story,
of how the outback's glory,
entered swiftly into their souls,
drinking nectar down, in watering holes.

Alice springs into my mind,
where a nation began it's history,
on a rock that holds a mystery,
and people of the land command,
The way to embrace natures hand.
Sydney brought more pride to share
opera sung, to oceans of blue,
in harbours bridged, for me and you.

Golden are the coasts of sand,
great barrier reefs where divers
see, the whole range of colours,
more fish are here than any others.
Paradise on earth could be seen,
when all I do each day is dream.
The way my heart shall feel,
now tells me what is very real.

Scorched a land, by sun and wind,
but yet the temperatures grow cool,
I cross the aeon’s and see no fool,
who squandered the Aboriginal traditions.
Dundee has fought his final Crock',
my mind now floats over, Ayers rock.
What Digiridu do you always hear,
where the sounds of freedom ring my ear ?