Saturday, March 30, 2013



The world has lost faith,
and bound you,
to that tree.
Some wept, like me,
you'd come to save,
to set us free.

The evil was at work,
binding you aloft,
nailed to torture cross.
Some hoped, we groped,
as darkness fell about,
mankind being lost.

The chance to see truth,
held in you,
beaten to a pulp.
Who knew, that you,
forgave us still?
No greater love than you.

The wicked did not win,
in you salvation came,
died in righteous cause.
Bring peace and love,
showed heavens fame,
and glory to gods name.

The weak have hoped in you,
lamb of god,
light of the world.
And on Golgotha,
you alone declared,
how paradise shall come.

The love in you proved,
we can live again,
one people, one truth.
Everyone on earth,
because of your courage,
salvation is at hand.

Inspired by Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of Christ.'

And that Easter should be a reminder to everyone of how wicked can be our deeds to innocent and genuinely kind people.