Friday, March 15, 2013

Fitting Formula.

  Fitting Formula.

Convalesce in hours of fear,
No-one told me she came near,
Then the reason not so clear,
Why I should love her dear.

Rhythm now becomes my rhyme,
I loved a maiden once upon a time.
She held me close, said she was mine,
But I could not stay upon the line.

Thrown to the dogs of fortunes way,
I hoped to get my end, to say.
Just what a privilege to be gay,
And laugh and dance and sing with fey.

Open up a wretched a can of worms,
See how quickly the stomach turns,
A likely knighthood my talents earn,
Or a box of ash beneath the Ferns.

Hold the line and let me fly,
Wonder how I concoct the devils eye,
You'd only beg me why oh why,
But still leave me hanging here to die.

Often I had felt the breeze,
Stirring hair and skin by Lemon trees,
Or out on the porch my fingers freeze,
Please open the door, let me in, please....

Inside the box where all things fit,
Is a clue to what could make me spit,
I don't care to win or be a hit,
But please don't say my poem's shit....!

I try to show the performance art,
Is not from formula that I start,
Though oft' my declarations are tart,
The passion is deep within my heart.