Friday, February 01, 2013

Why Can't I ?

Why Can't I ?

From the stars came light,
An oasis blooming in the desert.
Where sounds of silver streams,
Flooded the hearts of travellers.
Many a fair maiden swooned,
For the knights of flashing blades.
A time where men were men,
And women were worshipped galore.

Romantic notions stir me deeply,
To feel this way in abundant arms.
Close to a soul of infinite warmth,
Who shares these blessings of joy.
Forlorn the man of empty hands,
When gold and silver find not he.
Despondent to the art of caring,
For so many times he slept alone.

Surprise brings a flashing horizon,
To goad him into desires mouth.
Where all he'd eat of nourishment,
Be found on lands he does possess.
Lofty angels fell to this place,
Yet never revealed the secret store.
Nor told him in a friendly voice,
How he'd want never, no never more.

In fables and in tales untold,
The ripeness of mercy challenges he.
To be a saviour of the helpless,
That he is also wanting indeed.
So as the fireball reaches zenith,
All the glory of life be his today.
Forever more he'll know his answer,
Oh why can't I be loved this way ?