Monday, February 11, 2013

Back She Screams.

         Back She Screams.

Tortured by some demons
Sure we had to learn from them,
Or we could not be saved.
Free to love in light,
Purest form with earthly grace.

Though I know inside
Is love, a soft desire,
Passionate fire, quiet water,
Soulful petals craving open,
Pain undone in gentle rhythm.

There seems no other way,
Free of doubts to hunt,
A source beyond the night.
Stealing reason, taking freedom
Into realms of self denial.

Trembling spirit calls beneath,
All vital energy to grieve,
Knowing only harmony torn.
Besides the lover, tender here,
A wiser world to lift thee.

Trouble caused in innocence,
Rambling, rolling filling cycles,
'Neath a pale moon rising,
Onto desert plain in rain
That never, ever comes.

Take reward young poet
Knowing, heaven feels your pain.
Like drifting brambles, brought
By storm into the cradle,
Of whence our true love came.

For Payal.