Thursday, February 21, 2013

Utopia Rising.

Utopia Rising.

On the flags of this city,
I have reasoned a new beginning.
Not yet allowed to be seen,
But it is coming in my dream.
'Tis not yet arrived, certainly,
So slow are the wheels of industry.
Cold the heart of man to change,
And all the understandings strange.

So beautiful is she in regalia,
The light of the darkness mustn't fail you.
For on yon' hillside sits a soul,
Who yearns to share Utopias' final goal.
The dream of ages come at last,
Bring peace and fairness all abundance past.
When man and beast lay down their weapons,
Leave nothing hanging and no malice threatens.

So many souls who craved a day,
When love was free to walk this way.
No darkness feared, no pain untreated,
Not the child of earth so superheated.
For rule of law would not say,
Go hungry, die in disease or war.
Whilst the rich overlook the poor,
Just so that they can have more.

But this Utopia, has never come,
On distant memories it's tune was sung.
Across the ions of time and space,
It always eluded showing earth its' face.
And yet in my heart I know it's true,
One day its light will rule o'er you.
The way we've lived just can't go on,
Or we'll end it all, greeds explosion...!