Thursday, February 07, 2013

Ocular Vision

Ocular Vision

"Shiver me timbers",
the old man cried.
Who shall sail here,
on crimson tide ?
Goliath’s are not able yet,
to venture onto heart strings,
where every detail,
is like a child that sings.

Could I voice opinion
of where the roads alight ?
The trouble with opinion,
its never far from right.
Shine thy lanterns children,
the wind has come again.
Oh that glory knows,
the love of me shall wain.

Gob off if you dare,
upon the lofty realm,
hitherto unseen on tepid greens
my love could certain overwhelm.
Divided yet by conflict of
the words unsaid in jest.
I could always guess opinions,
by looking flatly at your chest.

Was it always thus Horacio,
or have you led astray,
the comely wench of Babylon
who hoped to make you stay ?
In evil deeds my brother,
has led along deceit of love.
The sorry tale she multiplied,
when singing of saffron skies above.