Monday, February 25, 2013

All that I have.

       All that I have.

All that I have,
Is, all that I need.
Not, all that I want
But, all that I need.

For if it weren't,
I would have achieved,
I surely would have
Created more and believed.

I don't need money,
For I have all I can use.
What good more money?
It's just more I could lose.

To be justly contented,
Would it fill my void?
If I could yet have,
All my desires be employed?

I really don't need,
Anything more than sufficient.
Who justly has need?
It's our want that's deficient.

Enough is a concept,
We may never achieve.
It's our paradoxical construct,
That we'd love to believe.

Do not let our worry,
Be all about the lack.
It's our dissatisfied reason,
We feel is under attack.

Please understand theoretically,
What we have's what we need.
And ask ourselves honestly,
Is wanting more not for greed?