Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hot Coals.

                Hot Coals.

The bottle cooler fan is whirring,
The base line of a song is pumping,
The doubt of love, my head thumping,
And all the while notions stirring.

Heat for the entire expanse,
Heat enough yet no people dance.
Heat to burn into my gaze,
And all the memories I erase.

In a quietness to mortify life,
In the noise of loneliness jumping,
In a tale of misery on me dumping,
And all the seconds an eternal strife.

Me a man with so much hope,
Me and you ought to now elope.
Me is how my mind will blaze,
And all the passion create a craze.

Is your heart mine to hold and take?
Is the light in your eyes performing?
Is it love or just a subtle warning?
And all the passion given for my sake.

Becoming bold enough to ask you,
Becoming stronger in heat to push through.
Becoming wise to escape the maze,
And all the while walking in a daze.

A man I am so full of fire,
A believer in the life I'm planning.
A giver of the love and light I'm fanning,
And all the visions, you are my desire.

Torture that I have yet to hold you,
Torture of a passion, that is like glue.
Torture waiting on your eyes to glaze,
And all the beauty that with you, stays.