Monday, February 25, 2013

Picture Stories.

       Picture Stories.

Saw, the blood of death
that reaped a soul,
to create life against
the backdrop of change.
Evolutionary cycles call
a shift in the world,
where man and woman
meat their makers today.

Gamey bird the favourite
amongst the haunting imagery,
where something strange
afoot on Lindum greene,
took us all away
on a journey of discovery.
The pasty tones conspire
invoking hasty imaginations.

Six has perfect number
indeed to describe doubts,
about the reason of why
life be shown so chillin'.
Where someone over-willing
laid bare the open truth.
Such virtue of our youth
hanging for all to see.

A heart that beated
cut from where hunger,
gorged on every type
of flesh and bone and sinew.
And everything that's in you,
changed upon the icy slab.
And carving knives
had remade token lives.

Meat the subject has
evoked a crazy idea free,
of what's important now
in life or death today.
Or love and hate combined,
the journey helped us find,
some deeper answers
floating into questioning mind.

Behind the counter, hare,
pay all for what we share,
a death of life becomes
rejoicing to the eater.
When understood its cycle,
divine the process change,
pleasant the pheasant her meat,
proving her death so sweet ...

On her art display of 'Meat the Maker.'