Monday, February 18, 2013

Stir of Echoes.

Mayhem in the deepest recesses,
Brain activity gone spectacularly high.
Hospital trolley wheel squeaking,
Type of repetition forcing issues
Into open forum.

Candidly I bring my mind in,
To debate a final assault here.
Friction from a well of morbid
Fears and gargoyles hunting me,
In burning meadows.

Running for the love of many,
Since my life was in a worm hole.
Called to face the final frontiers,
Where marbles could be lost or
Gained in hell.

Jade and amber in crystal patterns,
Found the dull inside my confusion.
Rays of light can't go where demons
Show the power of their might,
Crushing me alive.

Atoms bombard like holy cannons,
Brought from Sheol at bargain price.
Rooms inside my head are opened,
Shocked is me to walk in earnest,
Biding this fear.

But her voice comes ever louder,
Hailing with the sound of sirens.
Watching for a stir of echoes,
To bring the end of me again,
She smiles peacefully.

Like it or not, my fate sealed,
To rove the earth in eternal misery.
For nothing comes to end my sorrow,
Where the blame beneath me runs,
And drives me, almost always
Fucking mad....