Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trouble in Paradise.

A distant echo,
Of far away voices
Calling me to make,
Some new world choices.
Stop the flood of selfishness,
They say to me, constantly.
But they'd not know,
To whom they speak,
Or if the hearer could,
Be one, a new hope to seek.

Calling out across,
The void of time gone by,
Such beauty in the eyes,
Of lovers who knew how to sanctify.
Be what you are daily,
Don't fret to be future kings.
Yet they had not seen,
This wonder that I have dreamed.
Or if they had, maybe
We'd be further ahead it seems.

You see something,
As do I in this life.
It is through our dreams,
Our Utopia could bring us relief.
Nothing seems sacred any more,
The majority fixed in hatreds law.
And only in dreams,
Are we truly ever free.
Where the beauty of belief,
Creates everything we'd want to see.

Caught in between,
Choices of evil and of good,
Every man and woman alive,
Has a chance, it's understood.
Be a warrior for love,
And live a life to bring glory.
Yet somehow in striving,
Ideologies confuse the greater law.
To be truly free of pain,
You have to be the one giving more.

What hasn't tried,
To bring a peace on Earth,
All ways to end oppression,
And create a life of worth?
But my friends accept this,
None had eyes to see paradise.
For if they had seen,
Just what arriving would mean,
Who would have journeyed still,
To arrive at a broken dream?

Paradise and Utopia,
Are what drive us to go on,
When we live a life of suffering,
And our strength had almost gone.
For in these hopeful moments,
We are safe in our confusion.
Our very existence depends,
Upon our dreams of better days.
And upon our will to change,
The things to live out better ways.

So imagine this,
We arrive at paradises door.
And open it to discover,
We'll be always wanting much more.
Has the journey been worthy,
If the end has let us down?
Only you and I can know,
If this would make us sad.
Yet here's a likely outcome,
It would be enough to drive us mad.

Let's tolerate existence,
Knowing that a dream is part,
Of how and why we move at all,
It's how we create our art.
Nothing good or evil shall,
Destroy the peace we can dream.
And only in dreams,
Will we ever be in paradise,
Until we realise this truth,
Our journeys create our true paradise.