Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Fall to Grace.

Fall to Grace.

I fall,
quickly, deeply,
heart and soul.
Stirrings of the notion,
the end of love
in sight, is
tonight, so much
But it would seem,
I always fall,
for a dream.
Into a state,
perfect in the
sense of desire,
though I know
can't be the one,
to stoke my

But again,
I've seen,
I fell, completely
under her
Her glowing eyes,
contain no lies,
I watch
but know the
truth of how,
she could taste,
could smell,
Each perfect flaw
in her face,
shows so much
grace, to be
held, overwhelmed,
revealed to
love to light,
never before
my sight.

Beauty described
in awesome heat,
she would,
could, oh god please.....
should, be mine.
I cannot tell,
she is not free,
to follow this,
or marry me.
Band of union,
reveals here,
my constant fear,
always happens
to confuse,
to complicate
such matters, pain
for me again.
I must
refrain, again, again, again
oh fuck...

A law unto
myself, born,
has known, me
a man no more
a boy.
But filled, with joy
where heaven
could be
flooding in,
if I commit the
sin. Of telling
her my
feelings, such as
they are,
bizarre, the door
ajar to let it in,
the it called
The it called love of
a married woman,
so more painfully precise.....!