Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Crown of Thorns.

Crown of Thorns.

He came in peace
with love his sword,
love his only weapon,
only protection, only tool
to open hearts and minds.
Slashed through hate and fear,
relentlessly he fought as if
his very existence
depended upon his courage.

And it did occur,
even in his finest
acts of righteous warfare,
bodies fell into his arms
to be protected from love,
a love so great and worthy
they feared even this reward.
His constant battle
to be the light of love.

He came in peace
but quickly realised this;
few hearts were open
to the love he came to show.
Doing what would glory bring
would not always work for peace,
nor win the shattered hearts,
of men and women
who had flailed in endless dark.

And it did occur,
that he wept for
the little and the meek
who yearned for light and hope.
It was not his own fault
they failed to see, to feel
the love from his mighty sword,
banishing the darkness,
because they had not gift of sight.

He came in peace
to bring the light,
and open eyes and hearts
for all who yearned to believe.
That one day on this tiny rock,
a world could share this love.
The man of courage forged ahead,
assured love conquers
all, despite the approaching end.

And it did occur,
he wiped away despair,
the scourge of restless people
even if they yet misunderstood.
Just how such a thing as love,
could be all that they'd need again
on the journey to better days.
He came in peace,
to evict fear from desolate man.