Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Who are THEY ?

Who are THEY ?

THEY, say don't argue,
Don't interupt, don't disagree.
Do what you're told, do as
We say, do it with gusto.

But my friends, have you
Yes YOU, ever wondered ?
In all the bemusing ideas
Of the life you're meant to live,
WE never really knew who
THEY are !
This THEY that
Always have so much to say.
Who also hold so much sway,
Of the WHAT we do today.

Can I share with you
A very guarded, hidden secret ?
If I tell you, promise not
To keep it. Lest not to be
feared or put off by THEY.

THEY say, as if they the
Other 'they,' not the THEY 'they'
Know everything about your life.
How to walk, how to talk,
How not to fall, how not to
Suffer needlessly in morbid strife.

But THEY really know, that
THEY hold your life in their
Hands, WE the US, the other
They, live only to promote and
Feed their cunning demands. THEY
Take our lands, they write our
Plans and call us occasionally
Demanding to bind our hands.

Have no fear friends, lovers
Of all that's right, be awake,
Safe in awareness of what WE,
The US, the other they, fight.
Don't accept their subtle shite,
Which steals, your true light.......

THEY say, for example,
WE have nothing to fear, THEY
Have it all under control.”
THEY say, “be free and choose,
Have it all your own way.”
Despite that THEY have it in
Their sights, how to steal and
rob you, whilst watching YOU weep.

It is true that THEY have
It all under control. The control
of YOU and ME and all whom
Live in the darkness of fear.
A fear that THEY create,
To prove OUR need, for their
Controlling greed. And my friends
THEY lose not a moments
Sleep, over what YOU reap, for
The lack you keep, or the tears
You'll weep, so strong and deep.

THEY are our masters,
Under guise of being our
Servants. THEY have no moral
Fibre that shares a real hope,
For us all to grow, to know,
The life WE were born to live.

THEY, the faceless, uncompromising
And vengeful THEY. The ones
In towers of power of steel
and concrete and gold.

Be not surprised by this,
THEY have kept you fed
Only with darkness. For in
The light of truth, THEY would die.
Truth, absolute truth, not the truth
Of THEY but a truth in OUR
Souls we know, and answer to
Why is revealed.

Forget the THEY and live for YOU,
YOU are master of your own light.....!