Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Good God Friday.

Good God Friday.

It's all got broken,
the plot got lost,
somewhere, over there,
no-one else seems to care.

I listen to the melody,
of some old distant tune,
somewhere, nowhere,
only me, seems aware.

On this cloudy Friday,
rain won't quite fall,
but I, so small,
hear myself, no-one to call.

Then a tiny light,
a ray of hope, for me,
something, bright and right,
am I worth the fight ?

Crumbled the powerful man,
once, a strong survivor,
now look at me, if you can,
it's all got lost,
the plan,
I ran.

Days of endless struggle,
to remember myself, high,
who am I, why, oh why,
should it matter to try ?

Elevation to be, lost,
nothing to save at any cost,
except the memory held aloft,
of your prefect love,
so soft.

Between the demon cries,
a voice of someone close,
pulled me back from suicide,
almost gone,
the train I ride.

My mother was so sweet, she
remembered everything I'd need,
saw through eyes of love,
how to save my evil deed.

Patience to await the day,
I'd return to nothing new,
but I needed her, I knew,
to see and end to feeling blue.

Strength returned at last,
memories were flooding fast,
with all the scars I'd amassed,
hidden beneath the elastoplast.

Now I walk upright,
head held high,
a show of might,
to prove myself the victory right,
of enumerable days,
to win the fight.

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I look forward to seeing the show 6th February 2013 @ Lincoln drill hall