Friday, February 08, 2013

Watch this space.

Watch this space.

Hey you,
watch this space because
it's beautiful, like you.
Cotton soft,
a place of great virtue
in a town without name.
Boldly said,
you will fill my eyes
with tears of awesome joy.
Your light,
clothes me from within
and sweetly holds me up.
I believe,
one more day with you
could release true Nirvana.
Being here,
another stroke of lucky charm
snuggling beneath your warmth.

Hey you,
the angel of divine love
on planet earth below.
Tender eyes,
shining like the dawns arrival
on my waiting heart.
Cherry smile,
has stolen into weary man
to bring him to his grace.
Tender breath,
upon my aching body revives
to fill me to explode.
Fifty shades,
of something not quite grey
I heard you share erotic.
Maybe not,
what you had quite intended
yet here we dream alive.

Magic happens in 
life unexpectedly,
so …... watch this space......!!

Inspired by a butterfly.