Sunday, June 02, 2013

Morbid Fear.

      Morbid Fear.

What good guilt be,
To me, to you,
To anyone in fear?

Why do you cower,
Under the lies of time,
That desire is folly?

What old men said,
Was only their control,
You won't burn for this..!

Sinning is not here,
You wanted only joy,
And the light of life.

Go please from here,
Forgiven of your fear,
And also of your sin.

If you need conviction,
There'll be time enough,
When death comes calling.

It will not lose,
You shall be his,
One day, one day.

So in the mean-time,
Go be happy friend,
Enjoy the evil too.

Everything was made for you,
Believe what you do,
And love more honestly.

Fear be not your master,
For he's a loyal kin,
Open up your heart.

Take a real good look,
What is deep within,
It is not sin..!