Sunday, July 09, 2017

A true beauty.

            A true beauty.

Holding you, oh no,
That could never be just enough,
I tremble at the sound of your voice,
It’s not my fault, nor my choice,
I assume the position,
Of a quivering wreck, oh sweet,
Sweet Jesus, I’m out of check.
Before you came around that corner,
I had seen that pavement light up,
A presence of light and love,
Something fierce and overwhelming,
Oh someone save me,
Please hide me from such beauty,
Or I shall expire in drama,
I can only believe she,
Yes she would be my futurama!

Happen that I’d crave much less,
But a liar that’d make me,
If I should not surrender,
To this woman, my darling one,
Or to being consumed I must confess!
Divine be what is true,
Not an over statement to please,
But a veritable testament of truth,
Which reduces me to jelly,
Wobbling, shaking me to my knees.
Frilly, not so much of that,
Nor silk and crimson of her hat,
But sheer desire to be adored,
Has kept me rigid, motionless,
Somewhat in a dreamscape reality,
And always under, being floored!

Capricious eyes like desert heat,
Her smile has raised me aloft,
Levitated high and off my feet,
Rolling in a sea of magic,
To not open my eyes once more,
Would be a death so tragic!
She is how a lover should,
Be the breath within my very blood,
Crisp and toxic, holding purpose,
I’m kept alive, to ride her circus.
On the land and in her sea,
I’ve ran or swam for life to be,
Crazed as madness, but only funny,
Spending time and all of my money.
Rich is this that fills my heart,
And all I’d become to count,
From that single moment of,
Of understanding, that with her
There is no end

And no real start!

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