Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hands Bloodied in Shame

Hands Bloodied in Shame

Here you smear scorn,
As if you were innocent.
Bloodied hands were yours too,
This cruelty is not new.

Do you believe it,
The hypocrisy that you are ?
Putting down a holy pattern,
Of what you'd once denied.

Close your mouths tight,
Utter no more feckless words,
You are no less guilty.
What fool would take you
As a word of honesty ?

If you cared at all,
You would promote true peace.
Not this fictitious appearance,
Of spending humble word games.

Your own guns and arms,
Are killing your beloved soldiers.
Sold in a time of 'peace',
To your partners in crime.

Another day will come,
When you have toppled again.
Dictators were your bedfellows,
Before they lost their use...

The powerhouse of freedom,
Once built upon a dream,
Has soured, like your wisdom.
Gone rotten; rancid alien heart.

You are as worthy now,
To take the blame for this.
You've brought this shame upon,
Hands bloodied, and my disgust...!!!

I wonder did you guess who this was about ?

The guilt is as obvious as you wish to see.
Truth comes when you stop believing the lie.