Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh sweet Gal on time

Oh sweet Gal on time

Because today is a memory,
I allow this melancholy room.
Bringing me the joy that was,
Despite the shadows left to gloom.

An anniversary of days of gold,
When we had thought to give.
Inseparable we had strolled along,
Beginning a perfect life to live.

Chased, I made you feel alive,
You told me all about desire.
I saw in those eyes a flame,
That told me, never quench the fire!

Keep doing what you're doing,
I heard your cherry lips declare.
Our courtship was of fairy tales.
We'd never felt so now, aware.

Taking over every sorry doubt,
You ousted the pain I'd known.
And came to live belovedly,
With me, we made our home.

Open to the light of life,
I'd never been so content.
Those riches that you'd brought,
And your purity was heaven sent.

My eyes were filled with tears of joy,
So pretty was your golden glow.
Before that day of tragedy,
Impossible to take life, too slow.

Evicted from the world of ours,
But never from my loving memory.
I know your light still watches o'er,
The kindest love you gave to me.