Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sandwich Thief

Sandwich Thief

By slight of hand you tucked away,
A stash of coronation chicken bites.
Maybe a prawn salad too,
But did you know I'd spotted you?

Whilst deliberating, I saw your plan,
That act to rob your lunch.
Better that you'd spent money on
Food, rather than the liquid punch.

I was going to call your bluff,
Then I turned but you had gone.
Used me as a cover to steal,
And raced away into the growing throng.

Greggs may not have noticed you,
But be sure your evil deed begin,
The slippery road to a life of crime,
If I see you again, I'll dob you in..!!

The alcoholic, sandwich thief of Melton Mowbray beware..!

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