Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Red and Green II

Red and Green II
The girl from Melton Mowbray

Red and green has just
Walked in, what a surprise !
I see the glow of happiness,
Still shining bright, behind your eyes.

Such lustre do you bring
Me here, a great pleasure..
I would know a secret though,
Do you know you contain a treasure ?

Tall and slim an elegant gait
She strides, What a looker !
For the prettiest girl in town,
Would I ever have mistook her.

Shall I tell her the affect
Over me, that intoxicating desire ?
Before she leaves, and I'll not be,
Forever consumed with passions fire.

Remember the song, Girl from Ipanema?
Click here.

N.B. Photo above taken from internet and is not the actual girl in question,
though she is clearly very attractive.