Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Prayer

The Prayer

God please, make me rich.
Make my wallet burst with love,
Enough to share with the poor.
Let us know your glory,
In the road away from, worry
About putting food on our tables.

Please let me know humility,
As I try to raise a smile.
Working for goodness and charity,
To bring more aid and protection,
In a world where care has waned,
That we shall all know hope.

Tell me more clearly how,
I can be used to facilitate kindness,
Promote a change in our thinking.
Your expansive love can resolve,
I feel sure, all conflicts we see,
Remind brothers and sisters, we are one.

And please let me feel now,
Each and every day in desire,
To challenge more injustices.
Call down evil on no man,
Nor woman for the ignorances,
That they ignore, as I have done.

Let us please, learn to love,
Dare to become better agents of
The message towards a better dream.
Find in us a willingness to
Back down, share truth, give life
To all those weeping from bloodshed.

God please, make me rich,
That I could reward the giving
Of my friends, of the voice of people.
Bless all that I offer in love,
And help me to shine the light,
That has come from knowing you.