Thursday, February 02, 2012

My other favourite spot

My other favourite spot

Crunched by numbers, time,
Waiting for a holy sign of joy.
Your echo falls into my ears,
Upon the palate I savour.
Your fragrance lingered ever on,
Still crippling my desire to leave,
And forget somehow,
You and your light.

So here, I sit and wait.
Time can throw seasons at me,
But I will patiently stay,
Returning everyday,
Every soul aching day,
Until you return and say,
Walk with me a while.

Elements of the dream,
Parts of my unknown psyche sit,
Watching me in my dedication.
Constantly reminding me to breathe,
For that would serve not I,
Not you, nor the devils eye.

Waiting on the days of heat,
Will bring me coming here.
For without this ever present love,
Could I be sure I'd care ?

Dreams made me stronger,
Than I'd dared to believe,
Where you and I talked life.
And on the golden fields of barley,
Ran and laughed and skipped,
As if the days would never end,
Because I had my best-est friend.