Monday, February 27, 2012

Thinking makes it so !

Thinking makes it so !

A bearded man,
Fabled as a romantic old bard,
Gave unusual attention to this.
His days surely filled,
Quill in hand, stained blotter
Reciting the marvellous thinking.

Fantasy and folly both,
Equally enamoured of his eyes.
Shown a voice in Avon's theatres,
Where the hopeless romantics came.

And here he left,
The hefty cannon of imagination,
For a distant world to see.
The clueless, you and I and they,
A perfect audience to reveal,
All of those flighty fanciful thoughts.

You look for good in bad,
Bad from good as well.
In doing so my friend,
You'll live and rot in hell...

My noble minded hero,
Has shown a vital truth.
No wonder he's a legend now,
He lived his life as proof.
An observation of deep peace,
His mind present in the now.

Go forth from here then,
And consider deeply his voice.
Nothing good or bad exists,
But thinking makes it so !!

William Shakespeare.