Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Damaged Goods

Damaged Goods

Cast out, an outcast...!
Used, loved no more, thrown away.
I lay freezing in the snow,
Waiting yet upon a new day,
A bright and sunny day.

Wanted for a season,
'Til my face no longer shone,
My surfaces scratched and dirty,
No time to clean me then,
No care to restore my fun.

Sharing had been my delight,
New friends almost every night.
You took me out to parties,
Showed me off to your people.
I felt as if nothing,
Could rob me a happy day,
Until you threw me away.

Couldn't I still play a part ?
Use me as a piece of art,
Where my life still be fun.

My usefulness is of your choosing,
And I have felt your wrath.
Now discarded as a filthy cloth,
A top piece broken off...

Don't you feel, even a guilt ?
For the loveless pain you built,
Where now my energy be spilt.
Can you not remember me ?
Being the joy you let me see,
When we were together, always free.

The story goes ever on,
Familiar to even ancient men,
Needs breeds wants, breeds greeds,
And then cast aside,
No loyalty to me applied.