Friday, February 10, 2012

Gone Awry

Gone Awry

Shuttered dreams,
Concealed in screams galore,
A boy leaving home, through door,
A house not a home to him any more.
Taken his leave of sense,
The strain became immense,
No more love, all tense.

The sister,
Long since gone,
Found elsewhere to belong,
Where she progressed to be strong.
The apple of his eye,
Could not help rectify,
The life he lives, a lie.

Countless nightmares,
Through months of worry,
Nights dragged endlessly no hurry,
Whilst beneath the sheets he'd scurry.
If the monsters come,
His whole world undone,
Mustn't be seen having fun.

Could they,
Be blind to his fear,
Each time they be near,
So much anger driven, in his ear.
For they were mad,
An alcoholic for a Dad,
Kept yelling, saying he was bad.

His mother,
Hardly a mother,
Kept bruising under cover.
Always taking another lover,
Had no love for him to smother.
Struck out at him, and every other,
A maniac disguised, uncaring mother.


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