Saturday, February 04, 2012

Fear not I

Fear not I

Fear not I, because
I choose to be bold,
To speak and unfold,
Say what I behold.
You suffer no danger,
For I am your friend,
I don't try and pretend,
For with peace I defend.

Fear not I, because
I tell how I feel,
Let my secrets all reveal,
What you get in this deal.
You have nothing to dread,
My desire will only allow,
Me to be open to how,
You could benefit right now.

My message is simple,
I have plenty of gifts to share,
Selling this peace everywhere,
And prove for all time, I care.
How the world will become,
If we don't have power to act,
Need to be adding, not only subtract,
Our greed becomes a sorry fact.

Combining our efforts to rebuild,
Is the only way to succeed,
Setting aside endless greed,
And the diseased mind that we breed.
Righteous is the one who does,
The things that show compassion,
For they have sensed a passion,
To share in equal fashion.