Monday, February 27, 2012




Disturbing the silence they
Flee in droves to far away.
No-one sees them leaving,
For blindness is a blessing.
Statues fall from grace,
Where their will is strongest.

Echoes of a fire in my heart,
Recall a day when I loved,
Had loved, been noticed,
Before the reckoning slayer.

Pity comes to no-one here,
For choosing the melancholic view.
A layer of wasted belief spreads,
Like wildfire in a desert town.
And worry calls a shining star,
The work for idle callous hands.

Depression in the meantime,
A party to share the scourge.
I waited, I'd wanted,
To see your helping hands.

The roads all lead to doubt,
A frantic feeding frenzy come,
And gone, and lost in despair.
You and I alone can see,
The route away to fortune days,
A place to share the dream.

All malice has to be rid,
A friend can save the day.
I miss you more than confusion,
Since ever you had walked away.

Well done Caparezza and the affable Tony Hadley. (As ever, a great voice)

Also inspired by


A poem by Charles Bukowski