Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Something Stirs Below.

Something Stirs Below.

That mouth of yours,
Used for so much conversation,
Holds a sweet desire for me,
It sends shivers down my spine.

I'm intoxicated by your smile,
But more, the subtle gyrations,
Lips moving on a rhythmical beat,
Leave me gazing in pure awe.

More that a fascination of love,
I'm driven crazy by the touch,
Some parting of the sacred lips,
Breathes fire into my soul.

Wholesome and demure it's true,
But underlying there's so much more.
Dancing for my responsive eye,
I'm seeing lust provoking thoughts.

Oblivious you may well be,
What these tender soft lips do,
But I am finding it hard to breathe,
As my eyes covet these two.

Pretty is the innocent way,
You hold a perfect smile.
But down below my hard fa├žade,
I'm melted by what you do.

Nothing sweeter could there be,
On earth or deep outer space.
Nor more wondrous than beauty,
That spread openly on your face.

As god be my witness here,
I want and need to touch,
The lips desired by half the men,
Of this genteel and noble land.