Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Sometimes Coward.

      A Sometimes Coward.

Known for courage under fire,
He fails now to understand,
Why he lost the power to speak,
When before him love did stand.

Walked away on pilgrim roads,
Miles of dangers were his choice,
But before a presence of glory,
See him, how he lost his voice.

Scolded by the desert on fire,
Bolder than a ferocious storm,
Buckling under a single chance,
His face ashen, he's still left forlorn.

Dared to roam in infested swamps,
The warrior of peace soldiered on,
But in the face of beautiful,
His mouth went dry, his tongue gone.

Master of his own destiny,
Creator of mastering the lofty sword,
Reduced to a quivering jelly,
Without resistance to her, becoming floored.

Once mighty to challenge life,
The man of will had conquered fate,
Just look how his armour melts away,
The power of her smile, far too great.

Never had he lost his nerve,
For adventure was his loyal friend,
Yet under the spell of angel eyes,
Lost his heart, powerless to defend.

Given that he accepted defeat,
He blessed the day she overcame,
For in her love his soul was saved,
Knelt to honour her precious name.