Sunday, May 05, 2013

Bide Your Time.

Bide Your Time.

The world is out there,
waiting for you,
to live, to love, to share.
So why can't you care,
waiting your turn,
to love, to live, somewhere?

Hold onto the moments,
given to you,
building a tower of experience.
Learn to use your atonements,
giving you hope,
building upon a power of common sense.

Waiting does not harm your level,
regret brings concern,
to fail, to lose, to beware.
You sell your soul to the devil,
regretting a choice,
to live, to love, to care.

The future is not yet written,
so worry innocently,
and enjoy the journey unfolding.
That not only by love be you smitten,
you will behold,
the power of love you've been holding.