Saturday, May 11, 2013

Slide Into My Mind.

       Slide Into My Mind.

I'm no victim,
Except of my own remorse.
Could I have done more,
Oh yes, of course.

You never said,
That you'd leave and not return.
So why am I so disappointed,
Why do I still yearn ?

Days will come,
I have to believe, that'll end.
How my mind keeps wandering,
Or how my heart will mend.

Purest gentle nature,
Were qualities I'd hardly ever known.
Until you breezed into my life,
Caused my soul to moan.

Days became adventure,
When I'd fall deep into your eyes.
Every one a breath of golden sun,
Your starlight lit my skies.

Fool for loving,
I worried not for my preservation.
Spending romantic days and nights together,
You gave me elevation.

Reminiscence brings response,
To ducts bathed in salty joy.
How I miss paradise to touch,
Where my grateful hands employ.

Giving tender pleasure,
Was a gift I came to realise.
Bringing love and friendship, you put,
The beauty in my eyes.