Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Rhymes.

Random Rhymes.

Fashioned by a wiser hand,
Clothed in silk you understand.
Ripe and full to raise a smile,
Upon his lips her eyes beguile.

Ripple of the fleshy globes,
Eyes glaze over, heavens strobes.
Two full hands of supple curve,
More desire than he'd deserve.

Come to sing of glory free,
How her hips shall shake for he.
Under loved the roughest way,
Begging for his hands to stay.

Lost in romance all so good,
Is where her princess dreams are understood.
Fighting for a breath of air,
Damp and strewn, her underwear.

Glowing like a dying sun,
She calls him down, buttons undone.
Feels the vice of heat take over,
Needs a passion to betroth her.

Climbing onto the pole of pleasure,
Is where she fits her lusty measure.
Bold as brass she pushes down,
Tears a slit and throws her gown.


Frenzy calls her to full reward,
She loves the way she'll be adored.
And rises up to take her peak,
Hot slick skin and nipple tweak.

Hell can't hold her so heaven comes,
Shaking body her heartbeat drums.
Racing over, the final crossing gate,
She bucks so wildly and cannot wait.

Letting go she arrives at her Nirvana,
Two bodies burn in bedroom sauna.
A sexy way she'll end her day,
Puts down the book, some shades of grey....

'A' very sexy lady.